About Us


On June 12th, 2018, Bomberman was revealed to join Super Smash Bros. Ultimate but only for a few seconds as an Assist Trophy (AT). While an AT provides lots of exposure, fans hoping to finally see him debut in the prestigious Super Smash Bros. series as a playable character were left disappointed. Bomberman, the protagonist of the iconic multiplayer franchise preceding Mario Kart, deserves more than an AT model ripped of Super Bomberman R as a likely afterthought. His prestige and popularity warrant the whole package of a playable Bomberman, a stage, music, an item, and a different Assist Trophy.



That's why we're here. In what is called the ultimate crossover where the most iconic characters join the battle in an over seventy character roster, the absence of the grandfather of the battle royale gaming tradition leaves a gaping hole. Furthermore, the decision to make him an Assist Trophy was premature seeing as it removes an important selling point that judging by Konami's involve in Ultimate and the third-parties already in, makes him the best third-party choice not yet in. In response to this, the fans came together to form a grassroots movement now known as Super Bomber Bros.



We are an organized movement dedicated to making Bomberman a playable character in Super Smash Bros. and bringing exposure towards this legendary franchise. Since the campaign was formed in June 2018, we have acquired hundreds of followers among our Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook page that grows to this day. Furthermore, The Kremling Kampaigner to make King K. Rool playable was a success, proving that character campaigns do work. With a myriad of fans including professional artists, modelers, and translators and important affiliates like the officially recognized Super Bomberman R server and K. Rool's Kremling Kutthroats, we have what it takes to convince Masahiro Sakurai, Nintendo, and Konami that Bomberman deserves to be playable.



Don't wait any longer, join now and be part of the Bomber Bros!