How to Support Bomberman


We want everyone to have an opportunity to support the Super Bomber Bros. campaign. We're looking for all sorts of talents, be they artists, animators, modelers, video makers, translators, or what have you, who are passionate about Bomberman. Even if you aren't any of these, there is so much you can do to support our cause, including:


Showing us your brilliant ideas - If you want to make an animated musical about Bomberman, go for it! Have a puppet show in mind, show the world! If you're a comedian who knows how to poke fun at Sakurai's flaws, we'll be right there laughing alongside you. We want out of the box ideas and we'll move the moon to make sure the world knows of your amazing work to make Bomberman playable.


Spread the word - Seek every opportunity you can to support Bomberman in the real world and the Web. If you have friends who love Bomberman, share this website about this campaign and why they should follow the Super Smash Bros. campaign on social media and Discord.


Advocate on social media and forums - Anyone on the fence regarding Bomberman and even detractors will be impressed by droves of passionate fans. Actively campaigning for Bomberman means putting yourself out there towards opposition but that's why you prove your point with factual data, logic, and showcasing what kind of awesome move set he can bring to Smash. It's intimidating daunting but passion will win over many people to our cause.


Follow and tweet at people who can influence Bomberman's future - As the Kremling Kampaigner demonstrates, social media like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook will be crucial to the Super Bomber Bros.'s campaign success. As such, getting our voice heard to people who influence the Super Smash Bros. and Bomberman franchise will be crucial. Make sure to use the #MakeBombermanPlayable hashtag as that indicates not only that we want Bomberman in Smash but that we want him playable. You can also follow us at the following accounts:

Super Bomber Bros. (Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook) - @superbomberbros

Super Bomber Bros. Latin American Spanish (Facebook) - @bomberbrosLa
Super Bomber Bros. Latin American Spanish (Instagram) - @superbomberbrosla
Super Bomber Bros. Esperanto (Twitter) - @bomberbroseo

Super Bomber Bros. Brazilian Portuguese - @bomberbrosbr

Here is a list at whom you can respond to in order to show what this campaign is about. The asterisks (*) indicate what language they post in.




  • Nintendo of America (@NintendoAmerica)

  • Nintendo of Europe (@NintendoEurope)

  • Masahiro Sakurai, Game Director (@sora_sakurai)*

  • Super Smash Bros. (@SmashBrosJP)*

  • Nintendo of Japan (@nintendo)*

  • Konami (@Konami)

  • Konami of Japan (@KONAMI573ch)*

  • Bomberman (@bomberman573)*

  • Bill Triten, Nintendo Treehouse Member (@trintran)

  • Nintendo España (@NintendoES)**

  • Katsuhiro Harada, Game Producer/Lead Developer of Tekken Project  (@Harada_TEKKEN)*

  • Yoshito Higuchi, Game Director (@HIGUCHI_BNG)*

  • Kazuya Kiyoshima, Namco Member of the Board, Managing Director (@kiyoshimah)*

  • JC Rodrigo, Nintendo Treehouse Member (@JCDotface)

  • Dan Fazio, Nintendo Treehouse Member (@danfazio)

  • ???, Nintendo Treehouse Member (@ramtower)

  • Kir Ellis, Nintendo Treehouse Member (@kitosan)

  • Konami España (@KONAMI_ES)**


Harada also tweets in English.




  • Nintendo of America (@nintendo)

  • Nintendo of Europe (@nintendoeurope)

  • Masahiro Sakurai, Game Director (@masahirosakurai)*

  • Konami (@konami)

  • Nintendo Ibérica (@nintendoes)**

  • Konami Brasil (@konamibrasil)***

  • Nintendo Italia (@nintendoitalia)

  • Nintendo France (@nintendofr)




  • Nintendo (@Nintendo)

  • Super Smash Bros. (@SmashBros)

  • Nintendo Switch (@NintendoSwitch)

  • Bomberman (@officialbomberman)

  • Konami (@konami)

  • Konami (Japan) (*


*: Japanese

**: Spanish

***: Brazilian Portuguese


Send e-mails, call, or write to Nintendo and Konami - Another way of reaching out about your desire to see Bomberman is to e-mail, call, or write to Nintendo and Konami. Your feedback is important and could influence Bomberman's future. Here are the links:


  • Konami's Customer Support

  • Namco Bandai's Customer Support e-mail:

  • Nintendo's Phone Number: 1 (800) 255-3700

  • Konami's Phone Number: 1 (310) 220-8100

  • Namco Bandai's Phone Number: (408)-235-2000

  • Nintendo's Address: 4600 150th Ave NE Redmond, WA 98052

  • Konami's Address: 2381 Rosecrans Ave, Suite 200.
    El Segundo, CA 90245-4922.

  • Namco Bandai's Address: 2051 Mission College Blvd, Santa Clara, CA 95054